I Can’t Believe You Live Like That

Didn’t get this on the initial release? Your CD version too scratched up? Check out the first official release from Jon Chinn & 1803 as a digital download, I Cant Believe You Live Like That

“Don’t label this sensitive singer/songwriter, it’s a turbo-charged blast of crunching power chord guitar riffs, pumping beats, and flawless pop hooks. In the same class as Bob Mould, Guided By Voices or Blinker The Star, Jon Chinn holds his own” – Playback Magazine

“Bringing strong comparisons to Elliot Smith and Matthew Sweet, Jon’s songs are slow but simply enchanting.” – Crashin’ In

“Charming and utterly unassuming, I cant Believe You Live Like That is a pop tour de force brimming with cold-water serenades, ingenious arrangements and fiery guitar rave-ups.” – Splendid Ezine