Jon Chinn is a Columbus, Ohio-born, Brooklyn, NY-based songwriter & music producer.

“Don’t label this sensitive singer/songwriter, it’s a turbo-charged blast of crunching power chord guitar riffs, pumping beats, and flawless pop hooks. In the same class as Bob Mould, Guided By Voices or Blinker The Star, Jon Chinn holds his own” – Playback Magazine

As an export of the fertile Columbus, Ohio music scene, Jon draws on influences from Midwestern indie rock, low(ER)-fi production, and occasional bouts with electronic pop music. His music often draws sonic comparisons to Bob Mould, the Flaming Lips, The National, and Deathcab For Cutie. His first band Pretty Mighty Mighty (1994-2005), gained critical acclaim and garnered national alternative rock radio support. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Jon is performing and working on new studio projects, while supporting his latest collection of material The Tiniest Light (2013). When not working on his own material, Jon has worked as an engineer, producer and live sound engineer for acts including punk pioneers The New Bomb Turks, turntablist RJD2 and top 40 darlings Saving Jane.

For all inquiries including booking and licensing please contact:

Phone: 614-747-0996

Email: jonchinn@gmail.com


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